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New product LCM2x1U

New product LCM2x1U

Category: Digital Signage Mounts

Name: New product LCM2x1U

Date: 2016-12-09

.Back model .Dual 2X1U .AL mounting rails .Tilt 0~15° .Support 40”-65" .Extension pipe : 1.5m(800mm*2pcs) .Max load capacity:30KG per screen .Finishing:black or silver

  • Description
These universal plasma brackets, plasma ceiling mounts mount directly to a concrete ceiling, or into a wooden joist in a ceiling. The plasma ceiling mounts feature an extendable bracket, so you can display a Plasma or LCD TV anywhere between 40" and 65" from the ceiling. The plasma ceiling mounts tilt downward up to 15° to minimize glare. The plasma ceiling mounts are completely rotatable, swiveling 360° ,This is one of the larger ceiling mounts youll find, capable of holding a television weighing up to 134 lbs! We sell these plasma ceiling mounts with all necessary hardware to mount to the ceiling, as well as affix your television to the adapter bracket (although some TVs may require specific hardware that can be found at your favorite local hardware store).